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Private Blood Tests London - Blog

What Is C Reactive Protein

The presence of a C-Reactive Protein in the body stems from a reaction generated by the liver when there are signs of breakout,

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Overview Of Blood Test

One of the most popular kinds of medical examination is the blood examination, and this blood examination has a variety of uses.

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What Does The Mean Corpuscular Volume MCV Level Measure

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) measures the red blood cell size. This test is usually part of a complete blood count to analyse

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What You Need To Know About A1C

The A1C test, sometimes called HbA1C or haemoglobin A1C, is common for prediabetes and diabetes testing.

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What is a bilirubin test

The bilirubin test measures the bilirubin level in the blood. This test can help a doctor identify and diagnose the cause of health

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