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Full Body MOT Checkup in London

Full Body Health Check London

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Well Woman Health Screening – Under 40s

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Men’s Health Elite MOT


Well Woman Full Body MOT – Over 40s

Health Basics MOT


Health Advanced MOT


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Health Elite MOT


Comprehensive Medical Testing and Health MOT London.

We all know that our body works very hard to keep us going every day, and it’s not difficult to understand that every now and again the stresses and strains of everyday life can wearaus down. At Blood London, we believe that just like you do for your vehicle, you should schedule a body MOT every year. Surely deserve to be treated at least as well as your car. Regular ‘servicing’ will ensure that any problems are picked up early before they can become serious and any advice needed can be given to keep you on the track to good health.

Schedule your MOT at Blood London, for Peace of Mind

  • M – monitoring
  • O – observing
  • T – testing

This approach to your full body MOT will allow a focus on areas where you need to take care and you will be expertly guided and advised by one of our team of friendly doctors. It may be that you need to make changes in your diet, make adjustments to your fitness level or your lifestyle. We will guide you to the best way to ensure that you maintain and achieve the best possible health.

Full Body Health Checkup Package in London

When you have a Full Body MOT at blood London you will be screened for any changes that may mean that you are developing a health problem. Our emphasis is always on prevention rather than cure which is my regular testing and regular health cheques are so essential.

Full body Health MOTs provide patients with the knowledge they need good health and also to improve their health if they need to. Our Full Body MOT lets patients screen regularly for diseases and take better control of their health outcomes and provides their doctor with valuable base line information to spot any problems before they become serious.

Every patient will receive a truly individual approach because no two patients are the same and with t a Blood London health care package, we will help you choose exactly the one that will best suit your needs


Our entry level screening package The Mediscreen Basic MOT is be ideal for people in good health, whatever their age. This screening will check the markers of your general health and a full blood panel and analysis well let us evaluate where you are within the range of normal findings. We would normally recommend repeating this testing every year so that we have a very good overview of your health and a baseline on which to measure subsequent results. For your information a consultation is not included in the basic MOT package but if you want to review the results of your test you can book a doctor’s appointment at the discounted price of £75.


This is our deluxe package and again we recommend it for healthy people, whatever their age. As well as the tests offered in the basic and standard MOT this package also covers a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) as well as a chest x-ray to assess any lung or heart problems. An additional blood test will also be done to detect if you have any infections that are underlying and will also be done to record your blood group.

For Peace of Mind and to ensure that any problems are caught and dealt with early we recommend that you schedule an annual Gold MOT from which you will be given a personal medical summary very soon after your testing, that will outline all the results of the test you have undergone, any recommendations there are for you to act on any lifestyle or other issues that need to be addressed.


The deluxe package is a complete assessment of everything to do with your health and is the most comprehensive assessment package offered. This package has been designed specifically to pick up the most common issues that we see in our patients. The tests have been compiled using our many years of experience in general practise and offer you a truly comprehensive overview of your health, offering the chance to flag up any problems before they become serious.

Our packages offer the comprehensive testing for the most common health problems and what’s more we believe that our pricing is very competitive for this type of health screening.


This range of tests has been designed for men who are over 40 and looking for a comprehensive overview of the general health particularly focusing on tumour markers. As well as the range of tests offered in the gold package, the deluxe MOT for men offers the following.

  • Consultation with your dedicated GP to discuss any health concerns you have
  • An ultrasound of the abdomen
  • Full analysis of your individual findings to enable you to make any lifestyle adjustments you need to make

This package includes BNP blood testing that is designed to detect any signs of heart failure in its early stages so that preventative measures can be taken. Additionally, the tumour markers AFP and CA 19-9, S100 will also be taken so that your GP can assess any cancer risk. Referrals are always available to an oncology specialist as well as any additional testing that’s needed, counselling or treatment


This full health screening MOT is for women who are over 40 and has a particular emphasis on gynaecological health and tumour markers. As well as a head-to-toe analysis and all the services listed in the gold package there will also be consultation with your dedicated GP to discuss any issues arising from your testing. You may be referred to our consultant gynaecologist if you require a vaginal ultrasound scan or a cervical smear. An ultrasound of the breast tissue will be done to pick up any abnormalities within the breast. Following your testing you will be given a full analysis of the findings so that you can take any steps needed to address issues raised.

The tumour markers S100 and CA 125 will be used, alongside the other health MOT findings and in context with your medical history and working with all these our GP will be able to provide you with details of the risk of you developing cancer. Any further testing required, any treatment or referrals or counselling will always be available


This screening combines recommendations around regular sexual health cheques and screening for general health. It will combine elements of the basic MOT package combined with our sexual health package. This unique screening package is recommended for anyone who is sexually active and will add the element of checking your sexual health alongside your general health. A personal and itemised medical summary that will give you the results and recommendations for any further action will be available to you within a few days of your visit to the clinic.

We feel that our health screening and body MOT packages offer you the Peace of Mind of knowing that your health is good and allows you to make any adjustments you need to ensure you do not develop health problems. Call us now at Blood London to book your appointment and take the first step towards that peace of mind and better health that all of us need. If you have an immediate problem, you can visit our clinic as a walk in or make an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Private Blood Tests London.