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How to collect and preserve your urine sample

Healthcare providers order a urine test near me for various reasons. The test is non-invasive and painless and can help identify different health conditions, such as urinary tract infections and certain STDS.

If your doctor orders a urine test, you will need to produce a urine sample for the test. The healthcare provider may give you the sample container to take home and collect your urine before returning it to the clinic or laboratory.

You will collect your urine in a sterile container and store the sample in a fridge inside a sealed plastic bag if sending it to the clinic immediately isn’t possible.

Collecting the urine sample

The healthcare provider will give you a sterile container and explain the sample collection methods. You can collect the urine sample any time, except if your doctor instructs you otherwise.

Your urine sample may be random, timed or first-morning sample.

To collect the urine:

  • Label the screw-top of the sterile container with your details, including your name, the date and your date of birth
  • Use soap and water to wash your hands properly
  • Start urinating, then collect your mid-stream urine in the sample container
  • Screw the sample container’s lid
  • Wash your hands again

What is mid-stream urine?

When collecting your midstream urine sample, you won’t collect the first and last part of your urine. Collecting the urine halfway minimises the risk of collecting a sample contaminated with bacteria on the skin around your urethra and your hands.

Preserving your urine sample

If you can’t send the urine sample to the clinic or lab within one hour, ensure you put the sample container in a sealed plastic bag and store it in your fridge at 4oC, but do not store it for over 24 hours.

The bacteria in a urine sample can multiply if you do not preserve it in the fridge, which may affect your test result.

What does the urine sample test for?

Your doctor may request a urine sample to help in diagnosing a condition or ruling out some health issues.

Urine contains different substances filtered from the body. If your urine sample contains unusual substances, it may be a sign of a health issue.

Urine testing is commonly for checking the following.

  • Infections – certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia in men and urinary tract infections
  • If you are excreting protein in your result due to kidney damage. This test is called the ACR test

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