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Private Doctor Unlimited Consultation in London


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An unrestricted consultation with the doctor, no need to complete a medical history questionnaire, book your appointment, simply walk in and see a doctor today.

Our Local GP Services in London are on the frontline of ensuring quality, in-person, private health services for the population, including unlimited consultations to stay fit and healthy.

Our private GP Clinic in Harley Street helps patients access timely screening for any common conditions or risk factors to aid in early diagnosis so that you can live happier and healthier, for longer. Our General Practitioners can also help you with those everyday problems that may not appear too serious but do keep cropping up again and again.

Throughout the current pandemic, doctors in the National Health Service find themselves under a lot of pressure and it is often quite difficult to get an appointment. Due to the extreme pressure on the health service, you might not be able to get the best treatment available, with the length of NHS GP appointments averaging the shortest time in Europe at just nine minutes per patient, before the pandemic.

Way for Private GP Consultation in London

A consultation with a Private Blood Tests London doctor will give you an unlimited amount of time with your doctor, so that you can really discuss your health issues. The length of this appointment also allows you enough time to trust in your doctor, relax and feel comfortable during the consultation. Our Unlimited GP Consultations also allow enough time for your doctor to thoroughly perform an examination of your presenting problem if needed and your family’s medical history to take a more holistic view of your problem.

Our Private Doctors Experience

The Doctors at our Clinic in London can help you with a wide range of medical conditions and will be able to recommend or start you on appropriate treatment right away. Where necessary they can also refer you to the right specialist, with most of our specialist referrals issued on the same day, with Specialist Consultations taken up the same week you see our GP.

Private Doctor Unlimited Consultation

The Diagnosis process

Your Private Blood Tests London GP will take full notes of everything you tell him or her to record in your full clinical file, kept here at the clinic for 7 years. Offering direct access to diagnostic testing during one appointment, typically patients experience the following:

Consultation with their GP with a physical examination followed directly by diagnostic testing if needed. Typically, patients with a pre-existing condition can obtain a prescription at their first Consultation, however if we have ordered some tests, typically we will wait for the results to return, before a review of the results with your doctor and a prescription for the appropriate treatment plan/referral as required. Any specialist referrals are carried out within a week of the referral itself.

Our Private GP Prescription

Private Blood Tests London does not charge for a prescription when patients have seen our doctor, all Private GP clinics in London have a pharmacy close by. You will have to pay the pharmacy for your medications when they dispense the medicine prescribed by our practice doctor.

Sick notes and referrals

If you need a sick note or a referral letter they can be issued by our private GP following a consultation, at no charge.

Why choose Our Private GP in London as your family Doctors.

Excellent Local Doctors in Harley Street

All our doctors are extremely experienced GPs who have decades experience in both private practice and in the National Health Service. We have been delivering private GP consultations for over 35 years, and our local doctors combined have over 200 years practicing medicine. Additionally we monitor the feedback from our patients so that the best standards of care can be continuously maintained.

Private Doctor Unlimited Consultation


At Blood London we are always happy to offer urgent doctors appointments, and most appointments will be made for you on the same day. We always strive to serve patients as soon as possible to maintain good health.

You are in control

Whenever you see a Blood London GP you can request a copy of the notes that have been made during your consultation. This will allow you to attend with them, without delay at a specialist or maybe at your NHS GP surgery although, of course, we would be delighted if you continued your care with us!

Amongst the conditions that our GPs at Blood London frequently deal with are:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Ear pain
  • Eye conditions such as conjunctivitis
  • Palpitations and other hearts related conditions
  • Painful joints
  • Lumbar pain and other back pain
  • Reflux oesophagitis and heartburn
  • Common skin conditions, spots, rashes and suspicious moles
  • Digestive tract issues: abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion and bloating
  • Hypertension
  • Type one and type two diabetes
  • Stress-related conditions
  • Conditions related to anxiety
  • Mental issues such as depression
  • Infections of the urinary tract
  • Problems of menstruation
  • Advice on contraception and conception
  • Issues related to sexual health, STI’s etc.

These are some of the reasons that we feel you’ll be very happy to choose to see a doctor at the Blood London GP practice:

  • First Class Medical Care
  • 7 day a week availability
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Pre-registration not required
  • Immediate access diagnostic imaging and other tests
  • Immediate referral to eminent Consultants across all Specialities
  • Our patient focused and solution based approach

What will be the charge for a private consultant appointment?

Ask us and we will be happy to tell you about the range of fees that the private medical consultants we deal with, charge. In fact when you see a consultant this might be considered the most important part of your private treatment. The consultant is the person who will be making your diagnosis and deciding on the course of treatment that will be most effective for you. Initially your GP will write a referral letter to the consultant that will explain the reasons that an appointment has been requested.  Consultants are at the top grade specialist doctor and will have spent on average nine years studying within the speciality, on top of their standard medical training, to have gained the title of Consultant. Consultants are the most experienced doctors and their private fees will reflect this.  Typically an appointment with the Consultant will cost £250, and this is what our internal Consultants charge. On occasion we may need to refer you to somebody outside of our clinic, who may charge more. This is largely dependent on your condition – an as example patients see our own Gynaecologist or Dermatologist, as we regularly refer patients for these services.

Typical charges for a private doctor

A typical private doctor appointment will cost £150, depending on the nature of the consultation.

Private Doctor Unlimited Consultation

Dr Mohammad Bakhtiar


Lead Clinician and Director of Governance

Registered Manager

General Practitioner





Dr Penny Sheehan


General Practitioner

Special Interest in Paediatrics








Here are some frequently asked questions

What are the clinic opening times at Blood London?

We are open every day of the week. We open until 7pm weekdays and open until 2pm at the weekends. We’re happy to see patients on a walk-in basis and you can usually make an apartment on the same day.


9.00 – 18:00


10.00 – 14.00

Blood London GP charges

The price for private consultation with one of our GPs is £150, which is not limited in scope or time – take as long as you need.

I have medical insurance will I be able to use this at Blood London?

We advise you check with your insurer to find out whether referrals or blood tests are covered. Typically patients will pay at the clinic and their insurance will reimburse allowable expenses. In the vast majority of cases, sexual health services are not covered by insurance.

How soon will I be able to get private GP appointment at Blood London?

If you have ever dealt with the NHS you will know how difficult it is to get an appointment on the same day.  It is a common complaint amongst NHS GPs but they don’t have enough time with their patients and that they’re working hours are constantly increased. There are even reports that almost half of GPs plan to leave the NHS within the next few years. We pride ourselves on offering same day and even emergency walk-in appointments. Our patients appreciate the fact that when they’re worried they can get answers and assistance, fast.

Why would it be better to me to go to the best private GP in London?

Because only the best will do for you! Choosing the right private GP in London can make a massive difference to the care that you receive and the access that you get to any consultant treatment you need. From easy access to appointments to easy access to the best medical professionals in the country, your health will be at the top of the agenda at all times.

Can I call an out of hours doctor for my child if I need one?

The NHS does provide accident and emergency services in hospitals and out of hours doctor services. These services usually start from around 6.30 in the evening and run through until about 8 o’clock in the morning on weekdays. During the weekends and bank holidays they will usually run all day.  At Blood London our walk-in service means that you can have direct access to our GP the same day you request.

Do I need to be referred to a private GP for my treatment?

No referral is necessary for private GP service, because they are also GPs, even although they do not work for the NHS.   It may be helpful however to have your notes from your NHS GP.

Can I continue to see my NHS GP even when I’m seeing a private GP?

Yes it is quite possible to keep your NHS GP as well as seeing one of our GPs at Blood London. It is possible that your private and NHS treatment may even be supervised by the same healthcare team depending on what treatment you are having. However it is important but you stick to either the NHS or private GP for the treatment of each condition to avoid confusion or duplication of treatment.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see a specialist?

Yes you will require a GP letter referring you for specialist treatment. This letter will also allow you to claim for any specialist treatment on your insurance.

Is there a charge by GPs for making a private referral?

No, we do not charge a referral fee.

What is the procedure for cancelling my appointment?

If you find that you no longer need your appointment, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible. If you need another appointment we will make one for you either at a different time on the same day or another date, to suit you.

Can a company or other organisation book an appointment for one of their clients or employees?

Yes at Blood London we see a lot of company employees.

Can children be seen at Blood London?

Yes we see people of all different ages, and we can use our network of specialists, including Paediatrics, to refer children for any further treatment they need.

What documentation do I need to register with Blood London?

It is not necessary to produce any documents when you register with us, but if you use a pseudonym, you must remember it so that we can find you in our system.

Could my Blood London GP refer me within the NHS?

Yes this is definitely can be done. Depending on what the problem is you will be advised on where and to whom a referral is advisable.

Can private treatment be given on the NHS?

Should your GP decide that you need to be seen by specialist, you can ask to have the treatment from a specialist, especially if you have private health insurance.

Do NHS doctors also work in the private sector?

Yes many senior doctors in the NHS also have private practices that they carry out along with their NHS work.

Are the most common reasons for needing an urgent GP appointment?

The reasons will often be the same whether you were seeing an NHS GP or private GP.  Usually things like accidents or sudden illness in a child. But this can be a struggle where NHS appointments are so booked up. At Blood London we’re happy to see patients the same day and as an emergency, if needed.

Would my private GP be able to see my NHS patient records?

No. At Blood London we would not have access to your NHS records.  But we will take full medical history and check on any pre-existing conditions and medication that may be relevant.

If I come to see a GP at Blood London, will they update my NHS GP?

At Blood London everything that happens in our clinic is fully confidential, and we do not share your personal details or records with anyone else. We will give you full details of your consultation either as a digital copy or a hardcopy, which you can take to your NHS GP, if you wish.

Will I see the same GP at the Blood London clinic each time I come?

Yes if you want to see the same doctor, when you make your appointment just specify that fact. However so that you’re not disappointed, if you do want to see the same GP try to call as far in advance as you can.

Do you offer the same services as an NHS doctor?

Yes at Blood London we do offer many of the services that your NHS doctor would offer. The difference is that you can have appointments fast and get your test results without any delay. We examine patients, diagnose them and issue prescriptions and advice, just as your NHS GP would do.  We can also prescribe birth control tablets. We can issue repeat prescriptions but you would need a consultation so that doctor could understand your condition and prescribe accordingly.