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Know the STD’s which are detected by performing Blood Tests

STDs detected by blood tests

Testing for STDs is an important routine for any sexually active person. Most people shy away from getting these tests done because they do not feel comfortable with the routines common to the tests. With recent improvements in STDs testing technology, blood and urine tests can now be used to detect some STDs instead of using swab tests.

Urine tests are commonly used for gonorrhoea and chlamydia detection, but blood tests can detect a wider range of STDs. The following STDs can be detected with commercial or private blood tests.

  • HIV

HIV is detected using an oral or private blood test, but blood testing is the most common option. Two tests are carried out to detect the virus – the initial and confirmatory tests. The two tests need to come out as positive for a person to be declared HIV positive.

  • Herpes

Multiple blood tests are available to test for herpes. Herpes blood tests detect both HSV-1 and HSV- 2, but it does not identify if you have oral or genital herpes. In cases where sore are not visible, it becomes difficult to know the type of virus someone is infected with. Another problem with private blood tests for herpes is that you have to worry about the accuracy of the testing kit, but you can carry out your blood test at our Harley Street clinic to confirm your result.

Some doctors are reluctant to test for herpes when there are no visible symptoms because of the stigma associated with people living with the virus, but the absence of symptoms does not mean that the virus cannot be transmitted.

  • Hepatitis B

Multiple blood tests are available for detection of Hepatitis. These tests can be used if you have been infected with the virus in the past and if you are currently infected with the Hepatitis virus. You can book an appointment for a blood test at our Harley Street clinic.

  • Syphilis

Private blood tests are combined to detect if a person is infected with the virus. These tests can also show a person’s infection history.

In cases where urine and private blood test cannot detect these STDs, your doctor will have to do a microscopic or visual examination of the sores. Bacterial culture may also be used. These other forms of STDs detection can be used in combination with blood tests or alone to diagnose these diseases. An example is the culture of samples from herpes sores. This can give a more accurate result as long as you visit your doctor during the initial period of the outbreak.

In situations where a swab test must be done, some doctors prefer to take the swabs themselves because it ensures that the swab is properly taken, but you can talk to your doctor about taking the swab yourself because taking the swab-test yourself is better than not doing it at all.  Self-swab is a better option for people who do not feel comfortable with other people touching their body in an intimate way or people who have a history of sexual trauma.     

You can always visit us if you have any symptoms or think you should undergo private blood tests for a blood test at our Harley Street clinic.