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Private Kidney Function Test

The criticality of kidney failure is a good enough reason to get people on their feet to test their kidneys to know its condition and what to do to salvage it if any damage has been done. This is the reason we are here for you to provide you with all the needed information, and tests you need to have a healthy kidney.

Are you ever considering running a kidney function test? Look no further as Blood London Clinic has got you covered. With just a call to us on 020 71830244, our medical team will run your test with amazing services ensuring you don’t rip your pockets with ridiculous prices.

A General Look at Kidney Function Tests

In your body, there are two kidneys on both sides of your spine. These kidneys are approximately the size of the human fist, and they are carefully sited below your rib cage and behind your abdomen.

The major reason we recommend you get your kidneys tested is because of the vital role it plays in the body. Out of all these roles; the most important one is the role of filtering waste materials from the blood and send pass out of the body as urine. They also help in the control of water and the essential minerals level in the body. Besides all of these, the kidneys are also important in the production of the red blood cells, vitamin D and hormones which are responsible for the regulation of blood pressure.

When we suspect your kidneys may not be functioning the way they should, we help you undergo some kidney function tests. These tests are simply the test of the blood and urine that helps us pinpoint where the problem of your kidney is coming from.

We can also help you test your kidney function if you have other issues like diabetes or high blood pressure, which may affect your kidneys negatively. The result of these tests will help us monitor these conditions better.

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How We Identify Kidney Problems

Our first means of getting to know that there is a problem with your kidney is through the symptoms available, and some of the symptoms that may be of a meaningful clue to us are:

  • Frequent urges to urinate
  • High blood pressure
  • The presence of blood in the urine
  • Difficultly when you want to begin urination
  • Pains during urination
  • The buildup of fluids in the body which causes the hands and feet to swell.

We usually suspect kidney problems when these symptoms occur simultaneously. If these symptoms are present, we will then proceed to carry out the kidney function tests, which will reveal the reason for the symptoms.

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The Types of Kidney Function Tests We Carry Out

We usually order a set of tests that will help us estimate your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Your GFR is what tells us how fast your kidneys are in removing wastes from your body.

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Some of our tests include:



This test is what helps us check for blood and proteins present in the urine. We know that there are many factors like heavy physical workout and the rest, which may influence the presence of proteins in the urine. This is why we do not mind running this test over and over again to get your accurate result.

We may ask you to give us a 24-hour sample of urine collection. This will help us know the rate at which creatinine (a waste product of the breakdown of muscle tissue) is clearing form your body.


Serum Creatinine Test

This is a blood test which helps us determine if there is a creatinine buildup in your blood. On normal occasion, the kidney should completely filter out this waste product, so its presence at a high level in your blood tells us that there is a problem with your kidney.

The National Kidney Foundation says if the creatinine level in the blood of men is higher than 1.2 milligrams per decilitre (mg/dL) and 1.4 mg/dL for men signifies a kidney problem.


Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

We use this blood test to determine the amount of waste product in your blood. The BUN tests show how much nitrogen (the product of the breakdown of protein) is present in the blood.

The reason we like the BUN tests is that it tells us about the supplements or medications you have regularly been taking. With the intrusion of drugs in the BUN, we advise you to stop some drugs for some days before coming for the test.

The normal BUN level ranges from 7-20 mg/dL and a value higher than these rings a bell in our ears that you could be suffering from a serious health problem and that we should do something to help you.

It is worthy of notice that kidney damage is not the only reason for an elevated level of BUN.


Estimated GFR

We carry out this test to know the efficiency of your kidneys in the filtration of wastes. This test works by considering different factors like the test result (mostly the level of creatinine), the gender, age, race, weight and height.

If this test produces a result that is less than 60 ml/minute/1.73m2, then it may be that you have kidney disease.

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How We Carry Out These Tests

We carry out these tests by first demanding for a 24-hour urine sample and testing the blood.

To collect the urine sample, we first advice our patients to first urinate in the toilet on the day of the test and then for the rest of the day, urinate into the container we provide and keep it closed, refrigerated and then returned to us.

We also draw out blood for the test by first tying your arm with an elastic band so that we can see your available vein. When we notice this vein, we then clean the skin on it and gently slip in the needle to draw out the blood. After enough blood has been taken, we then close up the puncture site with a bandage to prevent bleeding.

How to Treat the Early Stage of Kidney Disease

We pay great attention to the early stage of kidney diseases because after the diseases overdevelop, only very little will be available to be done that can be of help.

To treat this stage of the disease, we first check for the underlying cause and get it treated. It is usually treated by prescribing medications that will treat or control the underlying cause depending on the result of the test.

If your underlying problem is diabetes, we will then recommend you to meet with an endocrinologist who will ensure your blood glucose level is perfectly controlled.

For those whose causes are from issues like kidney Stones or excessive use of painkillers, the needful will be done by your doctor to ensure the disorder is properly managed.

We always advise our patients that have abnormal test results to regularly carry out the kidney function tests. This will help us keep a close eye on their condition and help them live a better life.

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