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Total protein

The main protein molecules in the blood are globulin (mainly the antibodies – gammaglobulin) and albumin produced by the liver. The total protein levels in the blood give an overview of your nutrition, state of hydration, or proper functioning of some major organs like the kidneys, liver or bone marrow.

Your total protein result (total serum proteins) will be interpreted with other tests, including A/G ratio, albumin level and, in some cases, protein electrophoresis.

Unusually low blood protein levels – hypoproteinemia indicates liver disease (low albumin production), problems with malabsorption of amino acids needed for protein formation (Crohn’s disease, gluten enteropathy), or malnutrition. Excessive protein loss from the kidneys or excess water in the blood may result in hypoproteinemia.

High levels of blood protein (hyperproteinemia) may signify little water in the blood (dehydration) or an increase in gammaglobulin (antibody), occurring in chronic inflammatory disease, multiple myeloma (bone marrow disorders) or some viral infections.

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