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Haematocrit is the percentage of red blood in the blood. The red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, making them essential to optimum body function. Having low or red blood cells levels can indicate a wide range of conditions

A haematocrit test, also called a packed cell volume test (test), is a simple and common blood test done to measure the red blood cell percentage in the blood.

Why have a haematocrit test?

A haematocrit test is usually done during a complete blood count (CBC). Your doctor can order measuring the percentage of your red blood cells to monitor the effectiveness of a treatment or diagnose a condition.

Lower haematocrit level can be a sign of:

Higher haematocrit level can indicate:

Preparing for haematocrit test

A haematocrit test is a simple blood test that doesn’t require fasting or other preparation

What to expect

The healthcare provider will draw blood samples from a vein in your arm into a small tube. You may feel slight tenderness at the spot the needle enters your skin, but this doesn’t last long, and you can resume your regular activities.


The result of a haematocrit test is in percentage. The normal range depends on sex, age and race and slightly varies in different labs.

Generally, the normal haematocrit ranges are:

The normal range for children ages 17 and below varies by sex and age.

Your haematocrit test provides only a piece of information about your health. Your doctor will explain what your result means based on your symptoms and the result of other diagnostic tests.

Accuracy of the test result

Several factors can affect the result of your haematocrit test and give a misleading or inaccurate result. These factors include:

When interpreting your haematocrit test result, your doctor will consider certain factors that cause complications. You may also need to repeat the test and other blood tests if your results give unexpected or conflicting information.

We can perform your haematocrit test alone or as part of a complete blood count at our clinic. Call our clinic on 02071830244 to book an appointment for your test or for more information on the tests we offer.