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Creatinine is a natural waste product from the muscles released into the blood. If the kidneys function properly, they filter creatinine out of the blood and into the urine for excretion. This makes creatinine testing a vital check for kidney health.

What elevates creatinine levels?

The main causes of elevated creatinine levels include:

Your result might show mildly increased creatinine levels if you had the test when you were dehydrated.

What causes low creatinine levels?

Low creatinine often results from:

What is the estimated glomerular filtration rate?

The amount of muscles you have affects your creatinine levels, so it is important to consider factors affecting muscle mass. For this reason, the calculation for estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) involves creatinine level, sex and age.

The eGFR rate can indicate the health of the kidneys by estimating the amount of waste the kidneys can filter in one minute. eGFR rate is a better marker for kidney health than only the creatinine levels test.

The calculation of the eGFR rate has been updated since 2021. The previous calculation includes ethnicity because black ethnic groups were considered to have higher creatinine levels due to diet, muscle mass and how the kidneys eliminate creatinine. However, this consideration is no longer valid, as it can overestimate kidney function in black ethnic groups, preventing the right treatment.

What is chronic kidney disease?

The eGFR rate can indicate chronic kidney disease (CKD), meaning the liver isn’t working at optimum capacity.

Chronic kidney disease is a long-term condition, mostly resulting from other conditions that strain the kidneys, such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

What are the symptoms of chronic kidney disease?

During the initial stages, CKD doesn’t cause any symptoms. As the condition advances, certain symptoms may occur. They include:

How to improve kidney function

Several lifestyle factors can contribute to having healthy kidneys and increase the efficiency of your kidneys filtering toxins to improve your creatinine levels. These factors include:

Although chronic kidney disease isn’t reversible, the above healthy lifestyle factors can slow the progression of kidney damage and support your kidney health.

Testing your creatinine levels

Getting a creatinine level test can help you know if your kidneys are functioning properly. You can undergo creatinine levels testing at Private Blood Tests London. We advise that you shouldn’t eat any meat at least 12 hours before your creatinine level test.

Creatinine level testing isn’t a routine test, but you can also have a urine test to check creatinine levels. This test involves collecting urine samples over 24 hours.

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