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Several factors control the calcium levels in the blood. These factors include vitamin D, diet, kidney function, and the parathyroid gland. Measuring calcium levels can help assess kidney function, parathyroid glands, and bone conditions. You can also undergo a calcium test to check for kidney stones and some neurological disorders occurring with cramps.

Hypercalcemia (abnormally high calcium levels in the blood) can result from overactive parathyroid glands – the glands that secrete parathyroid hormones (PTH). Cancer with bone metastases or excess vitamin D can also cause hypercalcemia.

Hypocalcemia (abnormally low calcium levels in the blood) may occur from low blood albumin levels due to malnutrition or liver disease. These conditions often result in false hypocalcemia that can be adjusted by mathematically correcting for the low albumin levels. Some causes of hypocalcemia are underactive parathyroid glands, severe vitamin D deficiency and kidney disease or kidney failure.

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