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Adjusted Calcium

Only a small amount of the total calcium, called ionised or free calcium, measured in the blood, is active in body tissues. Generally, total calcium is a good indicator of the level of ionised or free calcium in the body, but there are exceptions.

Low albumin levels in the blood can reduce total calcium levels, but free calcium levels remain unaffected. However, you can calculate the albumin-adjusted calcium levels to give a more accurate result of free calcium.

In some cases, directly measuring the proportion of free calcium at the body’s normal pH is necessary due to the changes in the presence of calcium-binding agents like lactates or the changes in blood pH. This measurement is known as adjusted ionised calcium (at the pH of 7.4).

The interpretation of albumin-adjusted total calcium and adjusted ionised calcium levels (at 7.4 pH) is the same as total calcium levels.

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