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COVID 19 Home Testing Kit London


Blood London can provide a premium service to any patient who is concerned that they may have COVID 19. The test we offer will diagnose patients with symptoms of COVID 19 even if they are atypical or mild.

This service is now available to our patients in London (zones 1&2) involving COVID-19 RNA testing by PCR and results will be available on the next working day.

We guarantee our next working day results by having our own dedicated couriers to take your test to be analysed at the laboratory on the same day that the sample has been taken.

The analysis is done at a central London, UKAS accredited laboratory, with which we have had a working relationship for more than15 years and offers a 99% accuracy in test results.

Blood London is also working with other UK based laboratories in an effort to expand reliable testing for COVID 19 throughout the nation. We are hopeful that we will be able to deliver home testing kits of reliable and high quality, nationwide within two weeks.

Register your interest in utilising this service on email info@bloodlondon

How does it Work?

Order Your Test Now

How does it all work?

Your Home testing kit will arrive the day after you have placed your order.

One of our couriers will deliver it and wait outside for you to take the required sample and you will then hand it back to him - maintaining social distancing throughout.

Your sample will be taken directly to the laboratory for analysis.

In your home testing kit you will find:

  • Sample Container Bags (2)
  • A pathology form
  • Two sterile PCR swabs (2)

You will find full instructions within the pack that will help you take one swab from your nasal cavity and another from the back of your throat.


The sample you return must be double bagged before you hand it to the courier and you must observe social distancing and remain at 2 metres distance from the courier, both when you receive and when you hand back the samples.

The courier will then take your sample for analysis to the laboratory so that your results will be ready on the next working day.

Order and phone payment.

Leave your details on the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you to take your payment and arrange your courier delivery. Please do not phone the clinic to order a test.

Price for COVID-19 Home Testing Kit: £300.00

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You may order up to 5 per household, please enter the names and date of births for each test kit so we can process patients results.



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There is no doubt that there is a lot of confusion surrounding testing for the coronavirus.

There is a huge demand currently for reliable and legitimate tests and unfortunately some people have taken advantage of the situation offering tests that are neither reliable nor legitimate. Add to this, patients waiting very long periods for the results of their tests, and some that never even arrive and you can see how the pressure can mount.

Blood London does not test for COVID-19 antibodies

The reason for this is that this type of antibody test also called a rapid test is done by pricking a finger to obtain a drop of blood to detect antibodies. However this kind of testing has not yet reached the stage at which it can be relied on to produce accurate results. Therefore Blood London will not be offering any of this kind of testing until it is officially available from PHE validated assays that use full blood samples rather than finger-prick tests. If you would like to register for this kind of test kit, either as an organisation or an individual, we will keep your registration on file until the kits are passed as fit for use. Please send an email to: info@bloodlondon


Covid-19? What is it?

Coronavirus, also called COVID-19, is part of a virus family.  In that family there is also the virus for infections like the common cold and other illnesses that affect the respiratory system, like SARS.  Covid-19 will affect the lungs and the airways. Symptoms can vary from being virtually non-existent to so serious that they require ventilation in hospital.

The first cases of the coronavirus first came to light in the Chinese city of Wuhan City at the end of last year, and the disease quickly spread. Now over one hundred and eighty countries have reported many thousands of cases globally, the UK included.

What does the test involve?

The test offered by Blood London is an Ribonucleic RNA acid test and works by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for COVID-19. The test finds any presence of COVID 19 virus that exists in you.  Thus is a very accurate way of detecting infection with COVID 19 when theCOVID when the sample has been taken correctlyand there is any virus present.

Does the testindicate whetheryou are infected now or if you have already had COVID-19?

The Blood London COVID-19 test will find the virus,if it is in your body,from the swabs you take. A PCR test will look for the RNA of the virus itself.

The test can tell accurately I anyone who has symptoms is infected currently with the covid-19 virus. It will not show whether someone has already been infected withcoronavirus, and recovered.Even if the virusis not present, your body will have responded to an infection by producing antibodies.

What if my result is positive?

If you do test positive for coronavirus, a doctor from Blood London will phone you to tell you that your test is positive and to answer your questions. If you get a positive result the first thing you need to do is to self-isolate so that you do not infect anybody else. Self-isolation must start from the very first day ofany symptoms.  That means that even although you have done a test and are waiting for the results, you should self-isolate while you are waiting, from the very first day the symptoms appear. As the government and health authorities have said you should not go to hospital, your GP or pharmacy if you think you may be infected.   However if any symptoms you have do increase in severity, you should call for emergency help letting them know that you have a positive coronavirus result.

If I am self-isolating and my test is positive how long will it be before I am not infectious any more?

Guidance from the centre of disease control and prevention indicates that the chances of your being infectious D crease when:

  • There has been no fever for at least three complete days without using any medicine.
  • Any other symptoms you have had have shown improvements for instance any or shortness of breath or coughing ismuch less severe.
  • Lastly, it is at least seven days since any symptoms appeared.

Is there another test that shows if I am clear of infection?

The answer to this question is yes. After you’ve tested positive for coronavirus, you can get another test-kitthat will indicate that you are no longer showing positive. This second test can be done when you have no symptoms at all and should also be done at a time that is at least seven days after the first appearance of those symptoms. It is important to note that if you have a negative result after a positive one, this doesn’t mean you are safe to return to normal activity, because even if you are deemed not to be contagious you will still have to observe social distancing.

What about other people who live with me, if I get a positive test result?

If you do get a positive result with the Blood London COVID 19 test and you are living with other people even if you don’t have severe symptoms then the instruction is that you should stay within the house and self isolate to seven days starting from the time when you first noticed the initial symptoms. Forthose living with you the period of time for which they need to self isolate is 14 days from the start of when you first became unwell.  Contact us if you need another kit to someone else that is living with you.

What should I do if I get a negative test result?

If your test is negative that means that the swabs you tookhave shown no evidence that the virus is present. If you’ve been having symptoms then a negative test result will mean that the symptoms you’ve had are not due to coronavirus.  However even if you have had a negative test you still need to self isolate until symptoms clear because you don’t need to be spreading any illness this might be, to people around you. If those symptoms do get worse, then you need to get in touch with the NHS for advice.