We are currently unaffected by the shortage of blood testing supplies in the UK and are still able to provide all blood tests listed on the website.

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We are currently unaffected by the shortage of blood testing supplies in the UK and are still able to provide all blood tests listed on the website.

Fit To Flight Travel Certificate Private Blood Test London

Fit To Flight Travel Certificate

Fit To Fly Certificates in the UK

There is no doubt that travel in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging and one of the ways with which our customers are required to prove their fitness for travel is with a fit to fly certificate.

Blood London have helped many people to make their journey with the guarantee of our official fit to fly certificate.  Blood London has quickly established ourselves as one of London’s leading organisations in PCR testing providing patients with the fast, dependable and professional service required in order to obtain a negative COVID-19 test and certificate where required.

The fit to fly certificate explained

A fit to fly certificate is actually a legal document signed by our doctor that confirms your fitness to travel by air.  At Blood London your fit to fly certificate will be prepared by a doctor who is fully approved by the General Medical Council in the UK and will accompany your original laboratory report.
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Under what circumstances would I need Fit To Fly certificate?

Typically patients are required by their destination country to provide a certificate declaring them free from COVID and fit-to-fly. The following requirements are not exhaustive, so please check your destinations’ travel advice:

  • If your airline or country of destination asks for Covid Fit to fly certificate
  • if they have recently recovered from an operation
  • if they have recently been in hospital
  • if a woman is over 28 weeks pregnant
  • if seeking medical treatment is the reason that they are travelling
  • If a traveller may need oxygen during the flight

If your situation  fits any of these descriptions then contact us now for your fit to fly certificate so that it can be prepared in good time for your travel.

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rating star iconI’ve done PCR test here and I recommended my friends to come here for their blood tests and PCR if they needed. Thank you

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rating star iconI called here to do PCR and got the appointment on the same day and the result came a day after, easy and quick.

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rating star iconMy family usually go here to do their blood tests and I needed to do PCR test before my travel, so I called there and got an appointment and did the test. The clinic is very modern and the waiting room looks beautiful.

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When do I need to perform the PCR test?

You should contact your airline to find out what your specific requirement is as these can vary between destinations and airlines. Typically the requirement is for the test to be conducted 72 hours prior to your journey, however it may be as much as 96 hours or as little as 48 hours before a flight.  Blood London have a guaranteed  turnaround time of 48 hours for our PCR tests. We suggest that you plan flights not closer than 50 hours of your test, if able, and to leave in some flexibility in your plans, although the vast majority of our tests results return in under 40 hours.

Are the  results of PCR tests always accurate?

The PCR test that Blood London uses will test for active COVID-19 infection and will show this up even when there are no symptoms. The test is 99% accurate provided sampling is carried out precisely and correctly.  That is why we only perform tests in person at our clinic so our experienced healthcare professionals can obtain a proper sample.

How long will the validity of my COVID-19 fit to travel certificate last?

A fit-to-fly certificate is only suitable for one set of travel, as the timing requirements from airlines and destination countries typically render them unusable after 96 hours.

What is the charge for a Blood London fit to fly certificate?

For a fit to fly certificate we charge £50 as well as the £199 payable for the PCR test.  This will include testing and a certificate signed by a GMC registered doctor, with an official stamp to certify the results.  You do not need to pay for this before attending the clinic for the test, and there are no cancellation fees.

Will the clinic handle my COVID-19 PCR test?

Yes, your COVID-19 PCR test will be carried out in our clinic so that we can monitor conditions in which the test is done and the time requirement of the results.  We find this is the most successful as people who swab themselves, sometimes do not get enough material and will compromise their test results.
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Can this test be done under the NHS?

NHS tests are not suitable for fit-to-fly purposes, do not attempt to fly using results from an NHS test as they will be rejected.

Can a child have a PCR test ?

Yes, a child of any age could be tested but for children under two we ask parents, under our guidance, to swab the infant because youngsters are more likely to co-operate with their parents.

Is a PCR swab test painful ?

if you ask anyone who’s had a PCR test,  they will probably indicate that they found the test a little uncomfortable but not painful.  As the swab is being taken from an area deep in the throat it may sometimes trigger the gag reflex and having a swab taken from your nose is definitely not very comfortable.  The whole procedure takes only about 30 seconds however so it is over quickly, and our trained and experienced staff have conducted thousands of swabs, so you’re in the hands of experts.

Do you have a list of countries that require a PCR test?

We don’t, as the list of countries, their requirements and timeframes change so rapidly. By far, the safest way to find out whether you’ll need a test or certificate or not will be to check with your airline or with the regulations of the country concerned.

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rating star icon LondonI’ve done PCR test in Blood London Clinic and the result came the next day, very good staff and professional nurses.

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rating star icon LondonMy father and I did PCR test in the clinic. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

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rating star icon LondonMy friend recommended this clinic to me to do PCR test before my travel to Spain. It was easy to booking and result came quickly after a day.

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What measures do you have in place at Blood London clinic for COVID safety?

  • At Blood London, we have had our safety measures in place since the first time we were locked down and we have improved and enhanced them from that time and up to the current date.
  • When you arrive at Blood London you will spend minimal time in the building, we have automated our systems so you should only spend at most 5 minutes in clinic. We might ask you to wait in a queue outside for your appointment or until a space becomes available in the waiting room.
  • We have hand sanitsers and we ask people to use them and to wear a face covering and will we supply one if you forget yours.
  • Every one of our clinic rooms are fully sanitised after each patient’s test to include anywhere that anyone might have sat, and every exposed surface.
  • We medical grade air-sanitisers that scrub the air constantly for bacteria and viruses, clinically proven to remove 99% of airborne pathogens.
  • Our reception staff sit behind screening and sanitise the area every half an hour so that they and our patients are kept safe at all times.
  • Every member of the Blood London team subject to regular COVID-19 testing, and our staff have also now been vaccinated against COVID.

If you have plans to fly and you need COVID-19 certification make an appointment for PCR testing and for your certificate to be issued.

We can offer fit to fly in packages designed to meet all travel needs. We can supply swab results for a COVID-19 test or issue a fit to fly letter endorsed and certified by one of our medical practitioners all of whom are fully accredited with the General Medical Council. Call us now on: