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Covid 19 PCR Swab Testing in London

We perform COVID 19 antigen testing and PCR swab test in London to diagnose patients who have mild to severe symptoms of this deadly infection. The test is conducted at an accredited laboratory in Central London where we have been working for more than 15 years and offer most accurate results. Our medical team of staffs ensures to deliver the results to you by next working day with the help of our own courier partner services across the UK. We also provide home testing kit to patients so that coronavirus swab testing can be done by the British citizens who need to travel abroad.


Do I Have COVID-19?

  • PCR Swab for SARS-CoV-2

From £199


In-Clinic Test for Travel Corona Virus Testing

Corona Virus Testing for Travel Purposes Only - £199

You MUST NOT select this service and attend the clinic if you suspect a current coronavirus infection, or if you have any symptoms of an infection. Please select the Courier Service instead.

We are also happy to provide patients in London with an in clinic service for those needing negative coronavirus swab test results in order to travel internationally.

  • Patients should contact the clinic to arrange an appointment to attend the clinic and have our nursing team take their sample.
  • Please note that appointments are not confirmed until clinic staff have been in touch to confirm your time and date.

Results will be available the next working day, and results are stamped by the clinic and signed by the doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly advise that you leave at least 48 hours between your appointment time and your flight time; so if your fight is on Wednesday morning, the latest you should look to book your appointment is Monday morning.

In the majority of cases, a negative swab result is required within 72 hours of travel, but this should be confirmed with your airline.

Yes, our doctor can sign a medical certificate declaring you to be free of COVID, which some countries require during immigration. The cost of certification is £50. 

Please call the clinic, as we may be able to expedite your results, however this is not guaranteed, and expedited tests are subject to an additional charge.

Yes, we have performed this service successfully for whole families needing to travel.

Please check with the Border Agency whether a passport number is required on your certificate. If needed, please bring passports for all persons being tested, so that we can note the passport number on your travel certificate.

PCR Swab Testing Kit with Courier Service

Covid 19 Swab Test in London Only - £299

Blood London is available to provide a premium service to patients concerned that they might have contracted COVID 19, looking for a diagnosis as soon as possible.

The test is designed to diagnose those patients with symptoms - however atypical or mild, with COVID 19.

This service is available to patients in the London area (zones 1&2) requesting RNA testing by PCR for COVID-19, with results available the next working day.

We can guarantee next working day results by using our own couriers to ensure that your test is being processed at the laboratory on the same day the sample was taken.

The test is performed at a UKAS accredited central London laboratory, which we have been working with for over 15 years and is 99% accurate.

The kit will be delivered to your address the day after your order by our courier who will wait outside of your home whilst you take your sample before returning it on the same day to our laboratory.

In the home testing package, you will find:

  • A pathology form
  • 2 xPCR swabs
  • Instructions on how to take your sample
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*The £299 includes £100 for couriers charges

A Home testing kit will be delivered to your address the day after your order by our courier who will wait outside of your home whilst you take your sample before returning it on the same day to our laboratory.

Included in your home testing kit will be:

  • A pathology form
  • Two sterile PCR swabs
  • Two Sample Container Bags

Instructions on how to collect your sample is provided with your pack, you should be using one swab to take a sample from your nasal cavities, and another swab to take a sample from the back of your throat.

Please note that the sample should be double bagged before being returned to your courier and, of course, practice social distancing with your courier and stay 2 metres away at all times.

The courier will then return your sample to the laboratory for analysis, this process ensures that your results will be received the next working day.

Placing Orders - Payment by Phone

We are currently only accepting orders via telephone. Please leave your details below and one of our team will be in contact with you to collect payment and arrange your courier. Please do not call the clinic to order your test.

Price for COVID-19 Home Testing Kit: £199.00

Test Kit Details

You may order up to 5 per household, please enter the names and date of births for each test kit so we can process patients results.



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